Looks like  I forgot to post anything in 2015. I spent the vast majority of last year working on Rock Band 4. I started with Harmonix Music Systems on January 6th and hit the ground running.

Along the way, I have done a few 3D printing pieces for a client, but no personal projects. I did however win best-of-show, in the studio's Halloween pumpkin contest, though I was accused of cheating in a tweet or two. Lolz.

I have in the meanwhile discovered a new passion and that is drawing while commuting via public transportation. I spend about 2 hours a day on a train and bus, so I've started drawing on my phone using Sketchbook Pro, Pixlr and a few other apps. I started the year a truly 2nd rate 2D artist, and while no illustrators are in any danger of losing their jobs, it's amazing what drawing every day can do for your 2D chops. Anyhow, I'll post a few of those as well as a few other bits of news.



Here goes nothing, or something.

Hello? Echo, echo, echo...

Well, after a false start or two in the past, I've decided to try blogging again. I've got the 3D printing bug and hope to chronicle my exploits as time goes on. I'm sure other projects (non 3D printing) will rear their heads on occasion as well. This page will likely end up as more or less a catch-all for whatever extra-curricular projects come along.


I will likely make mention, on occasion, of the Artisan's Asylum, a maker space in Somerville Massachusetts, of which I am a member of. It is here were I access the uPrint SE Plus 3D printer that I have been using to create the few 3D prints I have done so far.

As the title says, here goes nothing. Or something like that...