Handgun model

When you work in the computer games industry it's not unusual to have a few gun models lying around. I built this model about 4 or so years ago as a means to learn Zbrush. The basic layout and angles were cooked up in 3DS Max, but the majority of the shaping occurred in Zbrush. The concept of this gun is of my design.

Considering the concerns regarding 3D printed guns, I feel it necessary to stress that this is a non-firing prop and could sooner be used as a kludge than ever fire a bullet. It is essentially hollow with no internal workings.


The following render (rendered in Marmoset Toolbag) is of the realtime/low poly version, as I don't have any nice and fancy renders of the umpteen-million poly Zbrush model. 

Low resolution (realtime) version shown.This sucker was nuts to get into the printer and required a fair amount of finagling, not to mention the hollowing process so the print wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. But once I got it loaded the print went well, with only a few funky bits in a couple of spots, which I'll talk about later.

Photographed with a potato. I then began the process of priming and sanding the 15 separate pieces...

The primer/filler used is actually a bit greyer than shown in the photo.That's all for now. I'm almost done with this piece and will post more of the process tomorrow...