Spray Booths!

I just wrapped up on a project (post to come) that involved a lot of airbrushing. Having had enough of overspray and fumes, I decided to buy a spray booth.

Between my limited budged and limited basement space, I knew I needed something smaller and less expensive than the Grizzly but larger than the Paasche. After a bit of research I landed on the Artograph 1350. At a hair under 400 bucks, it wouldn't be a trivial purchase, but my long term health is worth it.

Long story short, I found one for sale on Craigslist for a steal ($125)! It had been used twice and the seller's husband just wanted to get rid of it.  Anyway, I am now in the possession of an almost new spray booth, which is to be the cornerstone of my new basement studio.

See the booth (as well as my completely unorganized/bomb went off studio) below:

The selective focus option on my phone got rather out of hand...